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Data Protection, GDPA and PDPA


Data Protection, GDPA and PDPA

Pimlegal recently worked with The European Union (EU) in Asia to implement GDPR compliance measures. The EU in Asia is a government agency responsible for promoting European interests and values in Asia. As an agency that handles personal data, GDPR compliance was a significant priority for them.

Pimlegal's team of GDPR experts conducted a thorough assessment of the EU in Asia's data processing activities and identified areas that required improvement to comply with GDPR regulations. The team provided guidance on GDPR compliance measures, including how to obtain customer consent, data retention and erasure policies, data breach notification procedures, and cross-border data transfer requirements.

The team also assisted in the development of data processing agreements and privacy policies that aligned with GDPR requirements. They helped the EU in Asia implement technical and organizational measures to protect personal data and ensure compliance with GDPR regulations.

Pimlegal's collaboration with the EU in Asia resulted in successful GDPR compliance for the agency. The EU in Asia now has improved data protection measures in place, and its customers' personal data is protected according to GDPR standards. Pimlegal's expertise in GDPR regulations and their tailored approach to the EU in Asia's specific needs proved instrumental in achieving GDPR compliance for the agency.


Under GDPR, companies must show that they are thinking about data protection from the outset of the development of a new project or initiative. We help businesses to be aware and integrate GDPR regulations within all their business processes.

  • Date

    December 10, 2018

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  • Client

    European Union in the ASEAN

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