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Whether you are a start-up, a SME or a MNC with offices across the world, we provide tailored solutions to all your needs in digital law and compliance to current regulations.

Thailand's Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

The PDPA covers all electronic and non-electronic personal data, regardless of whether the personal data is true or false. You, too, have a responsibility to protect your own personal data. By being careful in managing your personal data, you can reduce the risks of misuse of your personal data.

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Website Legal Compliance

The recent emergence of regulations requires websites to contain: the terms of use, a privacy policy and a cookies schedule.

Website compliance goes beyond the mere legal requirement. Think of it as a tool to ensure total transparency between you and visitors to your website. We assist you in integrating all the needed content where needed on your website.

Software End User License Agreements

A software end-user license agreement dictates the limits and liabilities that come along with personally using this copyrighted software. We ensure that your agreement is designed around your business, its activities, the laws in your country and the countries that your customers are based in. We install the right framework to prevent a minor problem becoming a costly, major issue.

We further offer corporate advice for clients around software licensing and negotiating contract terms with third parties, for your mobile application for instance.

Intellectual Property Rights

We review contracts and draw up agreements over licensing and other intellectual property rights.

These will detail how the relationship will work between you and any other third party – all this to ensure we protect and maintain your rights at every stage.

Social Media Law

We offer legal advice on content, account ownership and restrictive covenants to keep corporate social media accounts in safe hands.

We further advice companies on how to create social media policies and provide training on best practice to protect your brand. Do contact us for further information.

Smart Contracts and Blockchain

Smart contracting is a disruptive advancement that will have far-reaching impact for many industries, and we will to ensure that the use of smart contracts will align with your wishes and goals.

We have the capacity of combining our expertise in software development to effectively translate, audit, analyse and engage with smart contracts.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Under GDPR, companies must show that they are thinking about data protection from the outset of the development of a new project or initiative. We help businesses to be aware and integrate GDPR regulations within all their business processes.

Pimlegal was created in 2018 and composed of a team of expert lawyers who understand technology. The dynamic world of technology presents complex legal challenges to companies across practices and jurisdictions. Pimlegal understands, anticipates and addresses efficiently all the needs of your business regarding compliance and protection. We go the extra mile to provide you with comprehensive solutions regarding digital law, IP and regulatory aspects of compliance; and also to help you benefit from the business possibilities offered by ever evolving digital tools.

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