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Protecting your digital assets

With the internet, companies have been offered unprecedented possibilities to communicate their brand messages. Digital assets themselves are precious and valuable to a company. Unfortunately, due to the outreach, the versatility and relative unregulation of the internet, those assets can be recreated and distributed in various countries in the click of a button, all over the planet. The ease of distribution is made easier with the proliferation of social media, and the potential anonymity of users makes it all the more difficult to apprehend the infringer.

Furthermore, legal uncertainty is brought about by variations in interpretations and statutes on intellectual property (IP) law already varies from country to country. The dissemination of infringing content through the internet further poses great jurisdictional issues for companies: before which court can the right holder seek protection of IP rights? Enlisting the services of an IP attorney who is fully aware of the unique challenges and nuances inherent to digital IP law will help ensure the rights to that property are effectively protected and enforced. Intangible assets ought to be well managed and maintained. Trademarks, patents, design and models, domain-names, copyrights etc. must be given a proper framework for maintenance and commercialisation, while IP compliance programs need to be followed.